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PC Systems is a recognized leader in state-of-the-art field data collection systems, touchscreen applications, and inspection software. We created and market the EasyTrack® line of products running on a variety of Microsoft® Windows®-based Tablets, industrial touchscreen PCs, and popular barcode readers.

PC Systems can provide you with an effective means of performing property, vehicle, facility, and equipment inspections, doing meter readings, collecting production data in a manufacturing environment, and tracking keys, assets and product and maintenance inventory.

The EasyTrack Inspection System, one of our flagship products, is used by Public Housing Authorities, government agencies and inspection firms nationwide to complete thousands of UPCS, Section 8 HQS, and other property inspections each day. Not only does the software streamline the entire process of inspecting virtually anything, but it saves valuable time by automating the scheduling of inspections, analyzing data, printing forms and letters, and ensuring consistent and accurate information. And with support for a variety of Tablet PCs, EasyTrack® gives inspectors even more options and capabilities in the field.

PC Systems will help you maximize your efficiency using the latest technologies, the highest quality products, and the most comprehensive support services available.

We are proud to be celebrating more than 30 years of excellence and service!

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