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EasyTrack Inspection System

This system automates any type of property inspection. Each day an inspector loads a list of the properties they are scheduled to visit into a lightweight, handheld computer, which they take with them into the field. All input is performed by tapping or writing on the handheld computer screen. The handheld unit is also loaded with a list of all areas or rooms they need to inspect and what they should look for in each area or room. Standard comments and all of the items that could possibly be recorded during an inspection are loaded into the handheld unit as well. Completing an inspection is simply a matter of selecting items from the lists of comments that appear on the handheld computer screen during the course of the inspection. The unit can also capture write-in comments, signatures, drawings, and any other handwritten notes the inspector may want to enter. Back in the office, the inspector transfers the completed inspection data electronically from the handheld unit to their desktop system. From there, standard forms, letters, work orders, and other correspondence to tenants, owners, or landlords can be printed automatically. The inspection system contains a built-in word processor that lets you customize all forms and letters to your specific requirements, including scanned-in logos or graphics and even signatures captured during an inspection. A database containing all of the inspection information is maintained automatically and can be used to print summary reports and other analyses on demand. Comprehensive import and export functions let the system exchange information easily with other applications.


Schedule your inspections automatically or manually
Easily print owner and/or tenant notices
Quickly see a complete history of all inspections
Automatically export data to your work order system
Seamlessly interface with your accounting system
Inspection reports for any time period
Virtually no learning curve
Easily customized by the end user

System Requirements

  • A standalone or networked PC with any version of Microsoft® Windows®.
  • A Windows®-based Tablet PC.

The EasyTrack Advantage

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