handheld data collection

EasyTrack Utility Meter Reading System

This system uses barcode readers or Tablet PCs to capture current gas, water and electric meter readings. A unique barcode is applied to every meter. When that barcode is scanned, the system knows what type of meter it is and what location it belongs to. The current meter reading is all that needs to be entered into the system after the barcode is scanned. This means meters can be read in any order and manual record books are eliminated. The information collected in the field can then be transferred electronically to your billing system.


Interface for utility billing system
Quick installation and setup
Virtually no learning curve
Easily customized by the end user
Comprehensive documentation
Full technical support and training

System Requirements

  • Standalone or networked PC running any version of Microsoft® Windows®.
  • Optional barcode reader requires one free serial connection for data communications.



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