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EasyTrack Key Tracking System

The EasyTrack system is designed to assist you in achieving the highest possible level of control over key access in your organization. The program lets you identify all of the possible buildings or sites that you need to control and the individuals who will have access to them. You can record details about any door or key, such as its type (Great Grand Master, Grand Master, SKA, SKD, etc.), bitting, and key way. In addition, you can store information about the locations (Cabinet, Hook, etc.) where specific types of keys are stored. Combined with its powerful inquiry and reporting features, the system is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep track of key information. It is highly versatile and can function as a standalone program or interface with your existing systems.


Organizes your key control system and improves physical security
Provides you with unparalleled accuracy and key replacement information
Maintains a complete list of keyholders and lock configurations
Can capture images of every location and keyholder using a scanner or digital camera
Provides powerful reporting and query features with on-screen preview and search
Is easily customized for your specific requirements
Interfaces with your existing system

System Requirements

  • A standalone or networked PC with any version of Microsoft® Windows®.

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