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EasyTrack Fixed Asset Tracking System

This application is used to keep track of any type of asset from the time it is acquired until it is eventually disposed of. The system tracks items by assigning a unique sequential number to each one of them. That unique number is printed on an aluminum or mylar label in a barcode format and the label is physically attached to the asset. The barcode number and all of the pertinent information about the asset, such as its type, manufacturer, model number, serial number, color, size, and other features, are then entered into the EasyTrack database on a desktop PC or using barcode readers or mobile devices. You can receive new assets, record asset moves, retire assets or perform a complete physical inventory in the field, simply by scanning barcodes. The system gives you a full range of inquiry and reporting capabilities so you can view, edit, or analyze your fixed assets and easily reconcile your physical inventory. The system can be used as a standalone asset tracking system or in conjunction with other back-end applications.


Dramatically reduces the time and resources you spend on inventory
Automatically reconciles physical inventory and supports multiple inventories simultaneously
Organizes all of your records
Provides you with unparalleled accuracy and eliminates lost information
Maintains a complete audit trail and history of every asset purchase, move, and retirement
Can capture images of every asset, location, and custodian
Provides powerful reporting and query features with on-screen preview and search
Is easily customized for your specific asset tracking requirements
Interfaces with your existing accounting system

System Requirements

  • Standalone or networked PC running any version of Microsoft® Windows®.
  • Optional barcode reader requires one free serial connection for data communications.

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